♥♥♥ In 2019r we expect litters of traditional Siberians.
These kittens will have pedigree in which there is no cat in the color Neva Mascarade.♥♥♥

The name of our cattery “Dysgarden” arose from connecting two words:  Dys – the name of the village we live in and the garden which our house is surrounding.

We belong to international federations consisting of enthusiasts and breeders of pure-bred cats TICA and WCF

This website is dedicate to Siberian cats.  Siberians are a primaeval race of cats which rose in wild backwoods of the taiga.

Siberian cats are brave and curious about world. Willingly they keep the man company but aren’t pushy.  Siberians have also friendly relations with other domestic pet.  They love to play.

As a descendants of wild cats Siberians love to explore environment. To help them watching birds, mice and other creatures  we build in our garden the cat’s aviary.

Our cats are under the permanent care of the experienced vet.

With pleasure I invite you to follow the story of Siberian cats on the DysGarden*PL website.



No cats are purrs unless someone is around to listen.

                                                                      Elizabeth Marshall Thomas